Why Exhibit?

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Focused Audience

Each and every expo and pet show we produce is designed and promoted to bring in pet lovers, specific to the theme of the show. Our "Canadian Pet Expos" have a broad range of animal lovers, which is a great opportunity to market to other pet lovers!

One on One time

Concentrating on promoting your product at a show is ideal, as you can give specific one on one time to potential clients, without being distracted by the daily operation of your business. Give your potential clients the attention they need!

Market to the client!

As most of our events are pet friendly, attendees are permitted to bring their furry (and not so furry) family members. Market directly to those most important family members!

Ready to buy!

The vast majority of attendees are at our shows to purchase. Many exhibitors offer end of line specials, show discounts, and other marketing plans to move large volumes of product.

Launch it!

There is no single better cost effective way to launch a new product, or promote a little known service. Use social media interaction at the show to retain those visitors!